Kirsten Hatfield (b. 1990, Comox, B.C. Canada)


North Island College, Fine Arts Diploma, 2011
Emily Carr University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2014

Selected Exhibitions:

2022 time moves slowly as I lay still, Solo Exhibition, Window Gallery, Vancouver
2022 chew the bones, they’re soft, Open Space, Victoria
2020 Digital Dreams, Solo Exhibition, Cartems Vancouver
2019 Sticky: a post-it note art show, Arts Factory Vancouver
2018 Alien Organisms, Solo Exhibition, Lucky’s Gallery, Vancouver
2018 Mixed Gems, Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver
2018 Art Waste; Honour, Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver
2018 Quickie, James Black Gallery, Vancouver
2018 Print Ready, Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver
2017 Lets Talk About Sex, Pop-up Exhibition, Vancouver
2017 14th Annual Hot One Inch Action, Arts Factory, Vancouver
2017 5th Annual Boobies and Wieners, Gallery of BC Ceramics, Vancouver
2017 Art Waste “Plantasia”, James Black Gallery, Vancouver
2017 Print Ready, Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver
2017 Venn, Hatch Gallery, Vancouver
2016 Stuff it, Playground, Vancouver
2016 Liminal Confines, James Black Gallery, Vancouver
2016 4th Annual Boobies and Weiners, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2016 Print Ready VIII: Stockholm to Vancouver, Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver
2016 Worth Fighting For, Pop-up Exhibition, Vancouver
2016 7 Rooms Show, Pop-up Exhibition, Vancouver
2016 Eat Yo Self, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2016 Art Waste, Fortune Soundclub, Vancouver
2016 Print Ready: Stockholm Edition, Minibar Stockholm, Stockholm Sweden
2016 80’s vs 90’s, Unity Gallery, Vancouver
2016 IRL:URL, James Black Gallery, Vancouver
2016 I Chew Chew Chew You, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2015 Krampus Art Show, Pony Club Gallery, Portland
2015 Vancouver Stories, Love it Art Gallery, Vancouver
2015 Beautiful Random Art Show, Tabula Rasa Studio, Vancouver
2015 3rd Annual  Boobies and Wieners, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2015 12th Annual  Hot One Inch Action, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2015 Bootleg Bart, Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver
2015 We’re All Pretty Bizarre, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2015 Piece of Mind, Moat Art Gallery, Vancouver
2015 Vancouver: Interpreted, The Fall Gallery, Vancouver
2015 Flawless, Studio East, Vancouver
2015 Dragons ‘n S**t, Unity Gallery, Vancouver
2015 Hello Future Archive, Onassis Cultural Centre in partnership with Double Decker London Ltd, Athens Greece
2015 University Student Art Show, Kariton Art Gallery, Abbotsford
2015 Topographics, James Black Gallery, Vancouver
2015 It’s a Sheep Show, James Black Gallery, Vancouver
2014 Polyphonics, James Black Gallery, Vancouver
2014 Pandemonium, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2014 2nd Annual  Boobies and Wieners, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2014 11th Annual Hot One Inch Action, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2014 Blasters and Sabers: A Star Wars Art Show, Unity Gallery, Vancouver
2014 Revenge of the Art Show, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2014 Print Ready Art Waste, Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver
2014 The Blue Show, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver
2014 Ugh, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2013 10th Annual Hot One Inch Action, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2013 No Memes No, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver
2013 Memories and Dreamscapes, Ginger 9, Courtenay
2012 Reflections, Vancity Glass Gallery, Vancouver
2012 Organics and Naturals, Ginger 9, Courtenay
2012 Member’s Show, Ginger 9, Courtenay
2011 Exhibition, Games and Grounds, Comox
2011 NIC Fine arts Graduation Exhibition, Muir Gallery, Courtenay
2011 NIC Spring Art Event, North Island College, Comox
2011 NIC Fall Art Event, North Island College, Comox
2011 Student Group Exhibition, Serious Coffee, Courtenay
2010 NIC Spring Art Event, North Island College, Comox
2010 NIC Fall Art Event, North Island College, Comox
2008 Student Group Exhibition, Pearl Ellis Gallery, Comox
2007 Fabulous Fakes, Comox Vally Art Gallery, Courtenay


2019 A whole beyond it’s parts (self published)
2019 MODS (self published)
2018 Alien Organisms (self published)
2018 Spora (self published)
2018 Entoptic Entropy (self published)
2017 Reconfigurations/Disambiguation (self published)
2017 Shelf Life (self published)
2016 Golgi Body (self published)
2016 I Chew Chew Choose you (anthology)
2016 Ovo (anthology)
2016 Pizza Punks III (anthology)
2015 Pizza Punks II (anthology)
2014 Dragtionary (self published)
2014 Pizza Punks (anthology)
2013 Super Fun Satan Club II (anthology)
2013 Shake (anthology)


Artists Ask Whitney Museum to “Commit to a Year of Action”

Kirsten Hatfield, “Alien organism from the green planet,” Sad Mag, Issue 26 Green Issue, 25.

Alien Organisms: Art Show and Zine Release

Kirsten Hatfield, Cole Pauls, “Music Waste Calendar,” Discorder Magazine, June 2018. 11, 14.


Prod. Jack Fox, Executive Prod.  Amy Fox, Monika Mitchell, Hannah E. Gordon. The Switch. Trembling Void Studios, Spring 2014 OutTV,

Prod. Deboragh Gabler, et al. My Mother’s Future Husband. Legacy Filmworks, Spring 2014, UPTV